True Love at Macs

I have lived on Bainbridge all my life. Some of my fondess memories are of macs tav. I partied there, ate there, met my friends there, fell in love there (many times) but only once forever. And oh ya worked there.When I was 20 I checked ID at the door. A couple of ladies came to the door one night and I had to know who one of them was so I checked her ID. Her name was Ellen Biava. Quite the Fox! She wasnt too impressed that I checked her ID.

But to make a long story short, after coaching the Macs slowpitch team and working the bar we began to be good friends over many evenings of Evil Kneivel pinball and baseball games. In 1979 Sue Hansen and Ellie as her friends called her, took me to Port Orchard so we could get a marriage license!

Ellen and I were married on March 21 ,1979 know doubt the best move I ever made.

Dick Minyard