The Great Macs Beer Fight

Here's one for the ages:

It was a very hot, humid, summer evening in,oh, '69 or '70. The music was rockin' and rollin' and the juices were flowin' the best they ever would at Mac's. This was the get loose, get down vintage of the late 60's.

Walt Ball and Rob Marshall were shootin' pool and four or five couples were dancin' to the tunes of Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane on the juke.

Michael Leary threw a schooner of beer at Phil Hall and Phil picked up his pitcher and doused Michael at point blank range. After about three minutes the entire bar was in a great beer fight and the ceiling fan was slapping beer across the room like a giant sprinkler unit. The owner, Roger Keys, ducked behind the bar wondering what to do. It was no use; it was totally out of control.

After about five minutes or so the dancin' and pool shootin' resumed and some went outside for a "smoke". There were others, but this was the first and this was the beer fight at Mac's.

Thanks you for your work,

Phil Hall