Lemonade stands are a part of summer. They appear at about the same time as the Scotch broom and can be just as prolific. Lemonade stands are quite possibly a young person's first venture into the world of commerce and entrepreneurialism. To keep with the spirit and purpose of Bainbridge Island Community Network (to promote local commerce) here are a few. If you've got a lemonade stand I've missed, give me a call at 842-0236.
Emerald Place Stand

Sunny days only, hours may vary. Lemonade is cold and the brownies were good.

The pull out is well marked. Just off Lynwood Center Road before you get to the Center.
Helpline House

This was sort of a "flash in the pan," a "one day stand," but it was for a worthy cause. Helps to fund Helpline House. Run by big kids.
The Eakin Stand

This homey little place is nestled in the intersection of Wyatt and Eakin (at the foot of Wyatt before you get to the church). A friendly crew. The lemonade was cold and thirst quenching on a hot summer day (at least hot for a Northwesterner). They say they will be open every now and then, and they have a request, "Just don't drive by and wave, STOP!" In other words, folks, this is a business. No "Howdy Hands." Show them your coinage.