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Marina District


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Of Community Significance
Meet Dave Ullin. It's taken me 30 years to get to know him and I figure I have a long way to go. I have heard him refered to as "the closest thing we have to a living saint" while others villify him as "one of those liva-a-boards". I have many Dave Ullin stories I could share with you and I only know a few of many. This post is to send you to a Youtube video where Dave shows you how to cut down a tree and passes on a few thought about life in general. But it's more than that. I'll leave you with this one simple thought about Dave: In this day and age he doesn't fit the mold society want us all to fit into and that's a good thing. I this day and age (and where we are headed) if a community ever needed a "rock" to anchor its values to, its Dave and if those who come here and seek to eliminate people like him (because he does fit their vision of Bainbridge Island) ever succeed, we will shurly have fallen into a dark age.

Places with art to browse
A For Arts
Winslow Way
Harbour House
Art Guide Northwest Events Calendar,
   covers greater Seattle arts including Bainbridge.

Bainbridge Library

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Seabold 2nd Saturday. - Open Mic
Pegasus Coffee
Ovation! Musical Theatre
Island Music Guild
The Historic Lynwood Theatre
First Sundays at the Commons
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Women in Black
YWCA Alive
Welcome Wagon
Marge Williams Center - Home of several non-profits Bainbridge Island Kiwanis Club
Bainbridge Rowing Club
Bainbridge Ballet
Bainbridge Chorale
Conversation Cafe
Bainbridge Island Chinese Connection
Bainbridge Island Genealogical Society
Bainbridge-Ometepe Sisters Island Association
Field's End Writing Community
Kiwanis Club
Photo Club
Ed Ritchie Observatory
Eagle Harbor Yacht Club
Bainbridge Chorale

Ferry Schedule
Visual identification guide to the
two main types of ferry riders
and Schedule.

Just for fun
Mushrooms - Strawberry Hill
Mushroom envy
The green computer guy - Ideas for old electronics
Bears on Bainbridge
Chasing Rainbows

Dear Friends,
Bainbridge Island Community Network will be 16 years old in March, 2007 and it is evolving.

A pioneering effort in the nation at that time. Using the internet to benefit the social and economic health of communities.
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Bluefin Swim Club
Junior Football
Lacrosse Association
Squeaky Wheels Bicycle Club
Bike Page for Washington State
Volleyball Club
B.I. Trails
Bainbridge Island Flyfishers
Bainbridge Island Trout Unlimited
Bainbridge Island Sportsmen's Club

Kid Stuff

Battle Point Kids Play Area
Merchants of Summer
Kids tracking family history
Kids Discovery Museum

Useful Information

Bainbridge Library
Meeting Places on the Rock
The Well Prepared Island
leftover from y2k but still useful

Air Travel Security Info
Ways of Men
Come for a Waulk and I'll spin you a yarn
You Don't Know Jack - Island trivia
An Internet Public Library
Earth Share - Seattle


Bainbridge Island - Gardening Section

Bloedel Reserve - A garden estate open to the public
Japanese Garden - At the Library
Bainbridge Gardens
Bay Hay "&" Feed

Historic Mac's Tavern
Bainbridge Island Historical Society
Kuteeya - Native American friend here for the 4th
A few 4th of Julys:   2000,   2001,   2002
Strawberry Festival- The Filipino Community
Making Mochi - Japanese community
Internment of the Island Japanese Community
     As relevant in today's politics as yesterday


I'm waiting for a sign on this one. Be here soon - Dave