This is the first dock party of the new year. Sun came out and so did we.

Here on Bainbridge there are many communities. One of the best is our boaters, I am one. We do tend to come out of the wood work at the first signs of spring.
People you haven't seen all winter are down on the docks preparing their boats for a new season. Always a good excuse for a gathering. Dock parties are also a good way to meet other boaters from around the harbor. Many people know you by your boat name before they know you.

Every barbecue has those who specialize in something. The sauce, the marinade, the snatch and run.
An interesting thing about people and boats. Boats seem to be a common denominator that will bring people together. Race, creed, money, for the average boater are not the issues .

It is where you've been, where you are going, how you rigged this and fixed that. Travelers tails and sea stories are still alive and well here on Bainbridge
We still have a few wood boats mixed in with the glass and steel. We have livaboards, high-end yachtes, and funky old chinese junks. This makes for a more interesting place. -- Dave Henry
This is
Bainbridge Island
This is who we are.

Bainbridge Island Community Network
bringing the commuity of Bainbridge Island together
rediscovering what has always been here
before it is lost.