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Marina District

The History of Bainbridge Island Community Network

Over the last 15 years we have brought many innovations pertaining to the internet to the leadership of this community. We realized from the beginning that there would be at least two paths to go down as awareness of the usefulness of such a project and technology advanced. One of these we defined as "The Path of Unification" (the ideal scenario -- and there are good examples of this path out there in the world). The other is "The Path of Fragmentation".

Over a period of years, after hundreds of discussions, demonstrations and presentations to community leaders, groups, organizations and individuals throughout our community, it became apparent that Bainbridge Island would choose the "Path of Fragmentation" (the reasons for this we will detail later). Our goal and challenge then became not to give up, but to go ahead and create a community site that not only accommodated their chosen "Path of Fragmentation," but capitalized on it. That process began in 1998.

Now, almost ten years later, this current evolution of the Community Network will demonstrate aspects of the knowledge we've gained from years of ongoing web site development and improvement. Over a year ago we adopted new technology that we're preparing to implement in a future version of this site. However, we're taking this interim step now for strategic reasons and because of our ongoing concern for the future of our local businesses in the face of the declining dollar, globalization and the very real possibility of a national (and possibly global) recession. These issues and others have become increasingly urgent during the past year, while we have been focused on projects that have more regional, national and global significance. It's high time we return to where it all began and made some preparations at the local level. Fortunately, here on Bainbridge Island we have the past fifteen years' infrastructure to build on.

Simply put: Save the Internet, save the World.
(Net Neutrality)
Heading for Future Content

Where it all began

A creation for the next millenium

Why community on the Net?

The genesis of Bainbridge Island Community Network

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Business Plan for a Community Web Site:
(Two years of reserve income and some monies for overhead).
  • First year: Develop Internet Infrastructure
  • Second Year: Educate Leadership
End of second year: Go forth and do great things forever...
Boy, was I wrong.

First Telecom Conference in Kitsap County

Second Telecom Conference in Kitsap County
It's a good thing God created death. So we can have a change-over in management - Balman
Nominated for the Jefferson Award