It's down the garden path we go.

Bamboo is an amazing plant. There are a number of genuses and many species. They grow from sea level to high mountain altitudes. It is one of the strongest materials in nature. It can be used as a food and as well as construction material.
It can be a low growing shrub or as tall as a house.
The colors and textures of the leaves make for a seemingly endless variety. This particular bamboo has varying shades of yellows and purples on it's culm (cane).
When the plant sends up new shoots they emerge from the ground as spikes and begin their journey to the sun.

It is these shoots that are harvested for food.

Out of the "nodes" on the main culm, branches appear and in turn unfurl the leaves.
Native artifacts from some primitive culture emerge from the mulch. Vestiges from some pagan rite no doubt.
This is an unusual genus, Hibanobambusa "tranquilans". The leaves are wide and variegated in colors of cream, purple and greens.
Bamboo has provided man with one of natures most useful building materials. Here is a small garden fence.
Here is a larger fence section with bamboo as a component with other mixed materials.
Thanks for coming along on the tour and next time you mow the lawn, be kind. That little blade of grass has a brother who's bigger than you are.

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