Welcome to Bainbridge Garden's web site here on the Community Network. Bainbridge Gardens is the oldest gardening business on Bainbridge Island. Their web site can be found at this address: www.bainbridgegardens.com. There you will find a seasonal gardening calendar, gardening related articles and other things of interest.

Here we will take you on a tour of Bainbridge Gardens and share with you some of the knowledge and friends that they represent here in the community.

You will find Bainbridge Gardens at an old business district we call Island Center. It's about an eight minute drive after you get off the ferry from Seattle (here are some directions). If you are on a bike it is part of a fun bike loop around the Island.

It's also a great halfway point for a lunch at the restaurant here in the gardens called the New Rose Cafe

Ann Lovejoy a local writer and gardening resource can be found at Bainbridge Gardens when she is in the area. One of the garden specialties prepared here is Soil Soup, a refreshing drink for you plants.

Check out the community calendar for public events at The Gardens.

Bainbridge Gardens is open seven days a week Mon. - Sat. 9am to 5:30 PM. and on Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

They can be reached by phone at 206-842-5888.