Women in Black is an international movement to bring peace and justice to areas of conflict and to end violence world wide. WIB was started in Israel/Palestine and has taken on many forms in many countries. Women in Black received the Millennium Peace Prize for Women offered by the United Nations on March 8, 2001, (The day Women in Black started on Bainbridge). Each group is autonomous, but related in the way women stand in quiet vigil dressed in black.

Our Vision: We stand because we want a world of peace and tolerance in which the dignity of each individual is respected.

Our Mission:

  • We stand in black, mourning for lives lost or broken through violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, the US and in all wars.
  • We stand in public witness to the suffering of the victims of violence between peoples and nations all over the world.
  • We stand in solidarity with peacemakers in all nations to support human rights, civil liberties and nonviolent solutions to conflict.

We are committed to actions that: End U.S. support for illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel. Protect our civil liberties compromised by the "War on Terror." Sow seeds of peace. Replace U.S. unilateralism with U.S. partnership with nations of the world.

Come Fridays between 5:15-6:30 pm, wear black or a dark color and stand reverently in silent vigil on the NW corner of Winslow Way and 305. Bring a candle if you wish. The women on the NW corner do not hold signs. Women who want to hold signs are welcome to stand on the NE corner. Men or women not wearing black are welcome to hand out leaflets. Attend our monthly meeting at Island Ice Cream from 4:00 to 5:10 PM on the first Friday of each month.

Other information on this subject can be found at: http://bnfp.org/wib/