Island Center Hall

Fletcher Bay Road

Main hall can hold up to 200 people. It includes a tiny corner stage, screen for movies and slide shows; adjacent kitchen with sink, coffeepot, refrigerator and oven. It is handicapped accessible.

Restrictions: No alcohol or smoking.

Cost: A $20 non-refundable reservation fee is applied toward the rental cost; a $50 damage/cleaning deposit is required. Rentals range from $15 to $50 per hour, depending on the number of people and type of organization and event. A two-hour minimum is charged.

Contact: 842-2306

The Sequoia Center

9010 Miller Road

Available for special events. Main hall 40x60 holds 120. Chairs for 40 available.

Alcohol & drug free.

Fees: $50 for 2 hrs, $100 for 4hrs, $200 all day. ($200 deposit)

Contact: 842-0875

American Legion Hall

7880 Bucklin Hill Road

The hall has two main rooms with a capacity of 185 people and a kitchen area. The entire building is handicapped accessible. There is a pay phone, 842-8837. The building is in use Wednesdays and Thursdays, as well as the first and third Fridays.

Restrictions: A police officer must be hired for any party where alcohol will be serviced and a $250 damage deposit is required.

Cost: $20.00 an hour for meetings, with an additional hour required beforehand to heat the building. $250 for party rental.

Contact: Jack, 842-5000

Bainbridge Commons

402 Bjune Drive

The large multi-purpose room seats 100 people at tables, with an adjacent kitchens. A smaller conference room seats 12. The building is fully handicapped accessible and there is a telephone, 780-0403. The main room is in use Thursday evenings.

Cost: $50 an hour for the main room, an additional $15 an hour for the kitchen. Non-profit rate $35, $15 without use of kitchen. The small conference room is $10 an hour.

Contact: (206) 842-1626

Bainbridge Library

Corner of High School Rd & Madison Ave

The Meeting Room is available on a first-come, first-served basis to nonprofit and for-profit organizations, businesses, service clubs and individuals. The room has a legal capacity of 129 persons. There re 100 chairs and seven tables available for meetings. The room is equipped with an automatic screen, tack board and a white board. There is an enhanced sound system available if needed for performances or presentations. The room has a sink for preparation of coffee/tea. Although food may be consumed in the room, there are no facilities for heating or refrigerating refreshments. Restrooms and a public telephone are available in the lobby. A television w/ VCR, a slide projector and an overhead projector are available, upon request, for use in the room.

More information available by contacting the library, (206) 842-4162.

Restrictions: There is a limit of three continuous days of usage. No smoking, possession or usage of drugs/narcotics or firearms permitted in the building or on the grounds.

Cost: $25/hr with a minimum of 2 hrs. $150 for all day up to 5 pm. A contract rate of $20/hr to a max of $50 per day or evening is available to orgainzations or individuals that reserve the room for a minimum of six regularly scheduled meetings. $25 non-refundable application fee which will be applied towards rental charges. $35 refundable key/custodial/damage deposit required if the room is to be used when the library is closed.

Contact: 842-4162

Bethany Lutheran Church

7968 Finch Rd NE

Restrictions: They rent only to non-profit groups. No alcohol or premises.

Cost: $60 daily for full use of facility excluding kitchen fee, $40 for 1/2 day usage (4 hours maximum) of facility excluding kitchen fee; use of kitchen fee is $20

Contact: Janet at 842-4241

The Bloedel Reserve

7571 NE Dolphin Dr

The Guest House (often referred to as the "Japanese Tea House") is available for meetings. The Reserve is a nonprofit entity which does not engage in any commercial activity, therefore we restrict rental of the Guest House to nonprofit groups only.

The Guest House is an intimate facility in a tranquil setting. Comfortable capacity for meetings does not exceed 15-20 people.

Because of its unusual configuration and setting, the Guest House is best used for board retreats, team building meetings or brainstorming sessions, rather than strictly business meetings.

A sheet of specifics about Guest House rental is available.

Restrictions: Nonprofit organizations only, NO PARTIES OR WEDDINGS. 15-20 persons comfortably. The facility is not available before 9am.

Cost: Base Rental Fee (9am-4:30p), $15/hr; Surcharge,$4.00/person; Set Up/Cleaning Fee, $20; Coffee Service (upon request)$2/person; Damage Deposit, Waived except in unusual circumstances. Minimum rental time is 4 hours.

Contact: Kate Holland Gormley, Program Coordinator, (206) 842-7631

BPA Cultural Center

200 Madison Ave North

The main room, Hodges Hall, seats 250 people for a production. The lobby can be rented for smaller gatherings of 50 to 90. A classroom space, the Patterson Room, seats 10 to 40 people. The building is fully handicapped accessible and a kitchen area is also available.

Restrictions: Smoking outside only. Alcohol ok for private parties, must have a permit to sell.

Cost: (For 4 hours) Hodges Hall $250, Lobby $175 for non-profit, $200 for profit; Patterson Room $40-60, full kitchen use $75.

Contact: 842-8578

Camp Hopkins

490 Park Avenue

Room for up to 15 people with a refrigerator, oven, and sink.

Restrictions: No alcohol or smoking.

Cost: $15 per hour for private parties and non-profit groups. Free for scouts.

Contact: 842-2306

Filipino-American Hall
7566 NE High School Rd

Contact: Rudy Ramvdo 780-3219

Grange Hall

10340 Madison Ave NE

Upstairs available for events of up to 100 people. Facility includes large heated hall, chairs and tables available, restrooms, coin telephone, stage with curtain, sink, microwave, refrigerator. The building is in use second Mondays and third Saturdays.

Restrictions: No smoking or drinking. Off-duty police must be hired for parties and dances.

Cost: Day: $8 an hour, minimum two hours, youth discount available. Evenings after 6:00 p.m.: $15 an hour (4 hours+ $12 an hour)


Alice Magnusson at (206) 842-2001,

Billie Buitenveld at (206) 842-3743, Diane Kallgren at (206) 780-5234.

Helpline House

282 Knechtel Way NE

Two meeting rooms are available for non-profit and support group meetings of up to 15 people. They are already busy most of the time.

Restrictions: No smoking or alcohol.

Cost: By donation.

Contract: Claudine at 842-7621

Hyla Middle School

Bucklin Hill Road

Five rooms are available in the historic Bucklin Hill Farmhouse, now a private school. Four range in size and capacity for 10 to 20 people. The fifth holds 150 people. There is also a kitchen, two bathrooms and a telephone. The downstairs and bathrooms are all handicapped accessible.

Restrictions: No smoking or alcohol. They rent only to non-profit and community groups.

Cost: Negotiable

Contact: Paul or Jim at 842-5988

Indoor Play Park

Strawberry Hill Park

Room for 20 people with a cushioned floor and preschool play equipment. It is handicapped accessible. For parties the picnic shelter can be reserved for the cake and ice cream. The play park is in use Monday through Thursday.

Restrictions: No shoes or food inside. No smoking or alcohol.

Cost: $10 per hour for private parties and non-profit organizations; $15 per hour for commercial use. A $20 damage/cleaning deposit is required.

Contact: 842-2306



Island Country Inn

920 Hildebrand Lane NE

Small, comfortable meeting room available suitable for approximately 15 guests.

Restrictions: Available October through April only

Cost: Call for more information

Contact: 842-6861 or 1-800-842-8429

Kiana Lodge

Sandy Hook Road

Cost: Corporations get 2 hours free with purchase of meals, any additional time is $250 an hour. For wedding capabilities, call for more information.

Contact: (360) 598-4311

Madison Avenue Fire Hall

8895 Madison Ave

Multi-purpose room can hold up to 86 people. The room is handicapped accessible and includes a sink and water fountain.

Restrictions: No food, beverages, political groups, or animals.

Cost: $10 an hour.

Contact: Valerie at 842-7686

Madison Avenue  Retirement Center

285 Madison Ave

Meeting room accommodates about 40 people and is handicapped accessible. It is available in the morning or at night, but is in use midday.

Restrictions: They are selective about their renters. No smoking or alcohol. No parking on the premises.

Cost: $10 an hour.

Contact: 842-3694

Masonic Temple

Grow Ave & High School Rd

Hall legally holds 450 people for weddings, banquets, and conferences. Banquet rooms holds 175; full kitchen available. Hall is handicapped accessible, but not the bathrooms. There are no phones.

Restrictions: Rent on a case-by-case basis.

Cost: $300 a day for the lower level, including kitchen; $50 deposit required.

Contact: Louis Peltier, 842-3601

Jim Stark, 360/765-4457

Ron Amdahl, 360/779-1771

Monarch Manor Estates

7656 Yeomalt Point Dr

As you plan your wedding day, we would like you to consider Monarch Manor Estates as a delightful place to have your very special wedding and/or reception.

There are many things that we can suggest to you. Consider the beautiful views of Seattle, Mt Rainer and Mt Baker from our decks and private beach. Think of the changing seasonal moods for the perfect backdrop as you look with fond memories at those once in a lifetime pictures!

For your out-of-town guests, we have four completely furnished units available with the capability of sleeping 20 to 25 guests.

If you would like to see Monarch Manor Estates and talk further about having your wedding with us, we will be more than happy to make an appointment with you at your earliest convenience.

Contact: ‘TW’ at 780-0112

Picnic Shelters

Picnic shelters can be reserved at Battle Point, Eagledale, and Strawberry Hill parks. They include grills and some have electrical outlets. Picnic bags containing sports equipment can also be borrowed with a $25 deposit.

Restrictions: No alcohol or smoking.

Cost: $10 for three hours for private parties and non-profit groups of under 50 people; $20 for three hours with more than 50 people.

Contact: 842-2306

Poughkeepsie Teen Center

Behind Bainbridge High School

Equipped with pool tables, foos ball, large screen TV, VCR, and kitchenette. Available on Saturdays before 6 p.m., Sundays, and Mondays through Friday, case-by-case for up to 30 people.

Restrictions: No alcohol or smoking.

Cost: $30

Contact: Shannon Buxton at 780-9622


Ray Williamson Pool

Behind Bainbridge High School

The pool can hold 99 people and comes with locker rooms, sauna, lobby, and lifeguards. It is available Saturdays after 4 p.m., and Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. The lobby area can be rented separately during regular swim times for small parties. The pool is handicapped equipped.

Restrictions: No food on deck. No smoking or alcohol.

Cost: Pool is $43 an hour for up to 30 people, $50 for up to 60 people, $58 for up to 100 people. A $15 deposit is required. The lobby area alone can be rented during pool time for $5 per hour.

Contact: 842-2302

Saint Barnabas

Episcopal Church

Wyatt Way & Finch Rd

Parish hall can legally hold 163 people; 100 fit comfortably for a sit down meal. There is an adjacent kitchen. The hall is handicapped accessible, but the bathrooms are up some stairs. There are phones in the parish hall and kitchen. The building is in use Sunday mornings and weekdays from 3 to 6:30 p.m. during the school year. Memorial services will pre-empt any prior rental commitments.

Restrictions: Rent only to non-profit. No hard liquor. Beer and wine can be served with meals/ Smoking outside only.

Cost: $50 for 4 hours, $75 all day; $40 additional for the kitchen and a $55 damage/key/cleaning deposit.

Contact: Chris at 842-5601

Saint Cecilia

Catholic Church

1310 Madison Ave North

Two classrooms and two larger halls. One hall holds up to 75 people and rents for $60. The second holds up to 504 with kitchen attached. Handicapped accessible. Available phone is 842-3594.

Cost: Classrooms rent for $15. The smaller hall rents for $60, the larger for $350 with additional $50 for the kitchen.

Contact: Jim Decker at 842-3594

Skiff Point Guest House

Spacious space with high ceilings, lots of light and 180 degree panaromic view. Holds 10 with kitchen, microwave, dishwasher, refrigerator. Available for day time use although it can go into the evening if necessary. Restrictions: Suite is on 2nd floor—No smoking.

Cost: $25/hr—4 hr minimum. $175 all day to 5:00 pm, $25 each additional hr. Nonrefundable $50 deposit per 4 hr of reserved time. $20/hr for 8 hr days with 3 day sessions. Call for other special request charges.

Contact: Jan Parker 206-842-7026

Public Schools

Bainbridge High School; Woodward Middle School; Wilkes, Ordway, and Blakely elementary schools all rent space for events and classes. The district board room is also available. Available spaces can hold from 30 to 1,000 people and are all handicapped accessible.

Restrictions: No smoking or alcohol. For other requirements get a copy of Policy and Procedure 9400 from the district office.

Cost: Everything depends on who you are and when you want to use it. Rental costs go up during the summer and anytime a custodian must be hired on overtime. School support groups use the facilities for free. Youth and instructional groups pay $25 a year or $10 an event. Other island groups can rent classrooms for $5, libraries for $10, cafeterias for $20 (plus $10 an hour for food service staff,) the high school commons for $10, the high school LGI for $20, gymnasiums for $25, and the high school stadium for $100.

Contact: Call the individual school



Seabold Community Hall

14451 Komedal Rd & Ralston

Old school house and community center can hold up to 98 people. The main hall is 35 by 23 feet with an adjacent kitchen and bathroom. There is no phone in the building. The hall is in use second Saturday evenings and first and third Sundays.

Restrictions: Prefer non-profit groups. No alcohol or smoking allowed.

Cost: $6.50 an hour for ongoing classes$8.50 an hour for one-time events, minimum of two hours; $25 extra for kitchen use.

Contact: Joan Bickerton at 842-4283

Senior Community Center

Bjune Drive

The center includes a large meeting room and a kitchen with a total capacity of 154 people.

Restrictions: No smoking. Alcohol may be served if it is pre-approved and a banquet permit has been obtained from the Washington State Liquor Board.

Cost: $10 per hour, plus a $100 damage deposit to be refunded two weeks after the event.

Contact: 842-1616

Washington State Ferries

State ferries are leased on a very limited basis for movies or large scale events, like the Chilly Hilly bicycle race on Bainbridge Island, only when they are not in use or in the shop.

Restrictions: Ferries are not available for party rental. Renters must bring their own power supply and must go through Marriott for use of the kitchen.

Cost: Renters must pay for a minimum of eight hours, four of which are the time it takes the ferry staff to prepare the boat to go back into service. Jumbo is $1250 an hour, Super is $1188 an hour, Issaquah is $913 an hour.

Contact: Armand Tiberio, Director of Marine Operations, Washington State Ferries.

Wing Point Golf  Country Club

811 Cherry Ave

Cost: $195 for sponsored meetings plus reception fee. Any time over 4 hours, $75 per hour.

Contact: Linda Branigan at 842-2688

Winslow Arms

220 Parfitt Way SW

The apartment building has one meeting room that comfortably seats 30. Kitchen is attached. It is wheelchair accessible from inside the building. No telephone.

Restrictions: Varies with use.

Cost: Varies with use. Call for details.

Contact: Carolyn at 842-3611