Ku-tee-ya means totem. These folks are visiting friends and relatives here on Bainbridge Island for the fourth of July. These dancers are from the Tlingit tribe in South East Alaska.
Each dancer is dressed in regalia pertaining to their clan. Some of the clan names are as follows; Under the Eagle are the Bear, Wolf, Shark. Under the Raven is the Beaver, Dog Salmon, Frog.
They perform all over the United States. Traditionally these dances were preformed at the "Potlatch's" within their tribe. The potlatch was for the purpose of honoring a family tradition, a new totem pole, or a death in the tribe.
When a person passes away it is a forty day process one clan puts on the Potlatch and a year later the other clan puts on a similar event as a repayment for the respect of the other clan.
This year, after the Fourth of July parade they will leave the Island for another engagement at Fort Lewis.

Ku-tee-ya is available for bookings and you can call:
Rodger Dore at 253-596-2657 for information.
Artwork of the Eagle and the Raven by Joe Bennett of Bainbridge Is.