An impressionist verging on realism.

At present, my choices are rural in nature, nature oriented. I will tend to incorporate more animals and people than I have in the past.


There is no particular style or subject I have settled on, being prone to want to stretch my creative sense.


At the same time I like lots of color, life and dynamism, but enjoy contemplative subjects as well.


My career time was spent in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, but I started drawing as a kid. What I like to do in oils is to experiment with different approaches in creating images, everything from contemporary to realistic.

You will therefore, see no single type of painting but a variety. My natural tendency has been compared to Van Gogh rather often, but my style is color and drama, but will try most anything.

I can be contacted at the following address:
16630 Agate Point Northeast
Bainbridge Island, WA. 98110

If you are an artist and want to be represented on Bainbridge Island Community Network email us or call at 206-842-0236, as for Dave.