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Marina District


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The New and Improved

Back in the early 90's we created what I called the "Unified Community Web Site" for the community of Bainbridge Island (everyone got free web sites) to get them going and understand the value of the Internet, and we had a "Unified Community Calendar". Much to my surprise (silly me) Bainbridge Island is not a unified kind of place. Sooo... We followed the "Path of Fragmentation" and everyone has their own calendars. We accommodated that on our current calendar page.

Some of those original people have decided as of late that it might be a good idea to have a "Unified Community Calendar (imagine that). It only took 14 years. Problem is they want to do it as part of a tourism project. This Bainbridge Island community site has been working in part with tourism all these years and has been doing a good job in that reguard (35 of our top 100 trafficed areas are useful to visitors). But we feel there is a whole lot more to the community than tourism. So we have dusted off the "Bainbridge Island Unified Calendar" and are adding it back to the Community Site after all these years. We will still carry all the individual calendars. You can log in and add your own events right over the Internet or email us your one time event and we will post it for you. It's easy. It's free. To sign up just go to our contact page and send us a note about you or go to the calendar, click on the "UPDATE" link and sign in as a new account. And, pass the calendar on to your friends. - Dave

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On the Bainbridge Island Community Network.
Ace Hardware
Paper Products
Interiors Only Painting
Danas Showhouse
Island Green Clean
Pegasus Coffee
Doc's Marina Grill
Harbour Public House
Coming Soon
Harbour Marina
Coast Guard Auxillary - BI


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NEW 10-7-08  The bail-out plan we were never told about... Ready to get mad"

Why our Communities are not prepared for the coming Economic Crisis... The Bainbridge Island Story

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An economic survival kit for the individual and small business in a global economy.
In the beginning there was...
I heard about this project called The Diogenes Award ( on a KUOW show about ethic. What's that all about?  Something to do with looking for honest men and women in government and business"

Ohhh yea, and why we are on the subject of ethics...what's an LTAC?



All will be revealed soon

You can visit our older sister site which is currently archived but full of historical goodies. We will move it into a new incarnation some day.

A Shot of Public Art on Bainbridge Island
Marina District - Be Seeing You

Some backyard on Bainbridge -
Naked Chicken Machine
YouTube Video.   Well,... I think it's art, preformance type.
(All though, it could be confused with some locals applying for building permits at City Hall. It's the traffic cones, waiting line, process and end result that is similar).

City/Government News
Coalition for
Open Government

We need lots more of this, and the Community Network and friend are doing our part.




Bainbridge Notebook: Great source of information on what is happening on the island. Especially government issues: Street Scape, bond issues, mayor/council deals, etc.
(Ghost of the Buzz)

Press releases
for the City of Bainbridge Island

Featured Event on Bainbridge
Seabold 2nd Saturday
Open Mic

In Winslow:
Check out Pegasus, Friday, Saturday, Sunday night music.

Of Social Significance

OUR CONSISTENT VISION: To be our community's 'Online Neighborhood.'

Very early, we realized that the internet had a lot of potential -- both positive and negative -- for small communities. We saw that the creation of a Community Network on Bainbridge Island was a way to actualize some of that positive potential and help insulate the community from some of the negative. Here's how our vision played out in the real world.

More on the history of Bainbridge Island Community Network

Also see Bainbridge Island and Net Neutrality issue as well as The Secret Formulas of Community (also on this page) for a broader perspective.

Here is something we all need to understand. It is connected to everything: Global warming, population issues, human rights and a better quality of life. Even the survival of the planet. (needs broadband)
Watch the YouTube Trailer

After you watch the movie, here is how to
get started doing something.  
(Note #6, we're doing our part).

One of the most profound lessons I have learned in the journey I've been on all these years, is that the true measure of the value of a community is seen not by what it is, but rather in the story of what it might have been.
Dave Henry - Builder and Craftsman of the Virtual Community

Featured Environmental Issue
Bristol Bay, Alaska
Is in trouble
Locally, Sage Fly Rods and other companies are stepping forward to help. So can you.

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